The Labour Welfare Fund is provision of the government to ensure some basic and necessary services, amenities and facilities to the workers This Act is to ensure the better life and standard of living of the employees. There are separate (State) Labour Welfare Fund Act and (State) Labour Welfare Fund Rule for Different rate of Contribution for Employee & Employer.

Labour Welfare Fund of Delhi.
  • ESIC Registration (No any physical documents required)
  • ESIC Sub-Unit Registration.
  • Submission of online ESIC return.
  • Providing monthly bases View contribution.
  • Providing Employees ESIC TIC Cards.
  • ESIC Half yearly return
  • ESIC Accident file report.
  • To attend ESIC Inspection.
  • We do of any kind ESIC Department and related work.
    Contribution Period June & December
    Periodicity 30th June & 31st December
    Periodicity 30th June & 31st December
    Last Date of Submission 15th July & 15th January
    Employee Contribution Rs. 0.75/-
    Employer Contribution Rs. 2.25/-
    Total Contribution Rs. 3/-
    Deposit by Cheque or DD Delhi Labour Welfare Fund
    Labour Welfare Fund of Haryana.
    Contribution Period Every Month
    Periodicity Yearly Return
    Last Date of Submission 31thJanuary
    Employee Contribution Rs. 25/-
    Employer Contribution Rs. 50/-
    Total Contribution Rs. 75/-
    Deposit by Cheque or DD Walfare Commissioner, Haryana